About Us

About Us

Peniel Ministries is a Charismatic/Pentecostal church. We believe in the power of the presence of God working in hearts and changing lives for His glory.

Peniel Ministries was founded in 1943 by Dr. Edward Miller; a missionary who responded to God’s calling and left the United States to serve Christ in Argentina. After much seeking in Mendoza, the Holy Spirit moved in power and brought repentance and deep cleansing, and healing to many hearts. God’s visitation lead to a greater revival that changed the country and furthered the vision.

Peniel Atlanta, now Emmanuel Worship Center, is one of more than 20 churches and small home groups that are part of Peniel International Ministries which includes Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, England and Asia. We invite you to join us as we praise and worship our God.

About Our Pastors

Dr. Edward Miller’s son, John C. Miller, and his wife María, have been our pastors since 2004. Pastor Miller was born in Mendoza, Argentina, and grew up in the midst of revival and moves of God in Argentina.

He attended Bible school in the United States and later returned to South America where he met his wife. Recently, they celebrated their 50th anniversary.

God has blessed them with loving children and grandchildren. Pastor Miller continues to oversee the churches in Argentina, Europe, and Asia.